Counseling is like refinishing an antique piece of furniture that has been through a lot of life. When the furniture was initially created, the wood was beautiful and valuable. Over time, the piece of furniture is moved, stored, has succumbed to the woes of childhood, or been damage in the throes of life, despite the best of intentions. This beautiful, valuable piece of wood takes on a distressed look as it shows the world its story.

refinished wood 1

Coming to counseling is like bringing a distressed piece of wood in for refinishing. It is courageous leap of faith that you will get to the other side of your counseling experience as better version of yourself. You must trust that when you are finished with your process, you will feel your time and money have been well spent.

Just like the stripping away of the distressed material on a piece of wood, counseling will strip away the effects of your life experiences on your personhood. After stripping away the distressed components, a piece of furniture is sanded down to reveal its true beauty and value once more. You too will rediscover beauty and value of your personhood.


With a piece of fine furniture, stain may be applied to provide character, followed by a good coat of a protectant to, hopefully, prevent the same level of damage again. At the very least, the protective coat slows the negative effects of life going forward. In counseling, the stain is rediscovering your identity and personality. The protective coat is the coping skills and emotional resources we add to your toolbox.

Your true beauty and value have not been lost, only disguised. Let a therapist at Come as You Are Counseling help you refinish your personhood to reveal your true image.

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